JAMAL J. IFILL, Green Energy, 2014, Glass lamp

ACROSS THIS WEBSITE is a wealth of evidence of the literary response to Kamau Brathwaite. The visual and multi-artistic community has reacted to his writings, too—directly and indirectly—resulting in extended dialogues, repeated waves of call and response. His poem "The Making of the Drum" in particular has been a leaping off point of Barbadian visual artists.

You'll find most of the images below throughout the site, but we group them here, conveniently, in an exhibition of ongoing conVERSation. Above, meanwhile, is a video record by photographer, visual artist and arts activist Corrie Scott of the National Cultural Foundation's 2010 Tribute to Kamau exhibition. That event, curated by Janice Whittle for Kamau’s 80th birthday, took place at Queen’s Park Gallery and involved 20 Barbadian visual artists.