Rodney Aarons-Massiah: Never Fold



Rodney Aarons-Massiah is a visual designer, multiple NIFCA award winner, holds a BFA from Barbados Community College, and is the co-founder of the creative company Nima.

Instagram: @rodsupremacy



Who are you?

My name is Rodney Deran Aarons-Massiah. I am a spiritually aware 24-year-old currently residing at 3rd Avenue, Long Gap, Spooners Hill, St Michael.


What are you?

I am a visual designer, i.e., a person who effectively communicates aesthetics throughout most forms of content, primarily through two-dimensional imagery. Within that field, I’m currently focusing on fine art, conceptual design (the creation and exploration of new ideas and how they can hypothetically function), and graphic design.


Why do you do what you do?

Immediately, it’s personal. I’m an architect in my own world exploring and pushing boundaries as far as satisfying myself aesthetically, emotionally, intellectually, and technically are concerned. More importantly, I value my ideas as potential steps towards cultural innovation.


How do you do what you do?

I don’t have a set way of working. Often, my process materializes in a very non-linear way from thought to completion. I try to be as sure as possible before I approach anything, but I’m just as open to serendipity. Thoughts come and go. The most interesting are filtered into vague narratives and, depending on their strengths, are furthered as either sketches or more detailed compositions. My compositions delve from [sic] introspection and the non-linear ways in which my thoughts share space and amalgamate to create new ideas. Recent works since my final year in college focus on this aspect more and more. The process, in my opinion, is still in its inception but has a lot of potential to expand. I’m fond of drawing using traditional mediums, especially a pen. However, as far as colour is concerned, I opt to use my digital tablet. I find myself working a lot digitally and saving the traditional application for sketching.


Who or what are your biggest influences and inspirations?

I admire the way life works.


What's your last big thing?

Nima. It's a creative company I co-founded back in 2013 with my best friend. We’re invested in aesthetics and cultural innovation through the development and production of various ideas, products and services.


Give us an example of what really pleases you about your work. 

I love the way it feels. The fact that it's open to interpretation; it's personal… not exactly self-explanatory. I also like how strong various elements still are in hindsight. 


Whose work are you into at the moment (books, music, art, film, etc)? 

Dieter Rams, Alejandro Jodorowski, Katsuhiro Otomo, Akira Toriyama, Kim Jung Gi, Anish Kapoor, James Turrell. - *praying hands emoji*


Get it off your chest: Any additional statement, observation or parting shot?

Never fold.


How do you keep the faith?

It’s second nature.


Your 5 favourite words.

Kintsukuroi - To repair with gold.

Outlier - A person or thing situated away or detached from the main body or system.

Oneness - The fact or state of being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts.

Ken - One's range of knowledge or sight.

Zenith - The highest point reached by a celestial or other object.


Check our video of Rodney in the creative process of matte painting and sketching entitled "New World"