Kamau 85: Illustration by Lamair Nash; text from “Griot” by Icil Phillips.
Big, bright wave: KAMAU 85

ON MONDAY, MAY 11, 2015, Barbadian cultural icon Kamau Brathwaite turns 85.

For the past three months, ArtsEtc has been calling out to writers, artists, scholars, friends, admirers, and critics to join in a milestone celebration and exploration of this complex creative, his work and his influence. The response to this literary adventure, which we're calling KAMAU 85, has been illuminating and wide-scale—almost overwhelming: A big, bright wave, to quote from Kamau's own contribution.

ArtsEtc launches reading programme

Read2Me!, ArtsEtc’s latest literary adventure, is up and running.

The six-week pilot programme sends writers and storytellers into schools and other venues to read to and engage with young people.

It began January 10, 2015, and forms part of a joint literacy outreach by Writers Ink and ArtsEtc, and is sponsored by Oxford University Press (OUP), Days Books and Apex Eye Clinic.

Three Barbadian primary schools (Milton Lynch, Grantley Prescod Memorial and St. Margaret’s) are the first to benefit along with Days Books serving as a fourth venue for the sessions.

The 2014 ArtsEtc Independence Reading List
The 2014 IndyList

Once again, ArtsEtc is pleased to bring its annual Independence Reading List. The IndyList, as we like to call it, is a selection of 12 Barbadian books to make friends with over the coming year.

The Carolle Bourne Prize
ArtsEtc sponsors prize in poet's name

ArtsEtc recently announced its sponsorship of the inaugural Carolle Bourne Prize—a new award for the 2014 National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), and one that specifically targets innovation.

We are truly honoured to be doing something in Carolle’s name and excited to be teaming up with US-based Bajan suspense writer Ronald A. Williams to make it a reality.

Bim LitFest in 30

Bim LitFest 2014 was an exciting and varied two-and-a-half days of celebrating the written word in Barbados. For those who missed it and those looking forward to the next one, here’s our Festival in 30—a round-up of events in 30 observations including highlights, hurdles, and other happenings.


Welcome to the series that started life in the run-up to Bim LitFest 2014 in which we ask assorted bibliophiles some of life’s truly tough questions such as: Who is your favourite author? What is your favourite book? What was the first book to REALLY capture your imagination and attention? How do you show words you love them?

Click on the names below to read some truly revealing responses.

Carrying our writers with us: ArtsEtc’s third annual Independence book list

WHAT is it we understand about ourselves, our politics, our place in the world? What is it we value and celebrate and would defend with our lives, with our soul, as a people? What makes us laugh and cry and sing, and cook with gusto, or eat with passion, love with pride? And why?

"Simone" by Rachelle Gray (Grayworks Media)
ArtsEtc partners on NIFCA anthology

ArtsEtc is the proud sponsor and editorial team behind the brand new NIFCA Winning Words anthology.

The company has partnered with the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) to produce the fifth such anthology in the Winning Words catalogue which features selections from the annual NIFCA Literary Arts competition.

Gathered on a bench in Queen’s Park, Bridgetown for Green Readings 2013, Part 1.

GREEN READINGS is an annual eco-literary event that ArtsEtc began in 2008 after a request from the Ministry of the Environment, which was seeking fresh ways to promote its public message.

The themed readings typically featured six Barbadian writers over two weekends in June (Environment Month) at outdoor locations. The 2013 Green Readings, pictured here, was staged at Queen’s Park in Bridgetown and on the Boardwalk in Hastings, Christ Curch.

ArtsEtc’s annual enviro-arts lime in review

IN JUNE 2012, ArtsEtc launched its latest publication, Green Readings: Barbados, The First Five Years [2008-2012] on the Boardwalk at Hastings. It was a fun occasion and part of Green Readings 2012—the annual showcase of open-air environmental readings and performance.

The 48-page anthology features the work of roughly 24 literary and other artists who have participated in Green Readings since its inception in 2008, an overview of the readings and the philosophy behind them.