I had an uncle named Charlie and anything electrical, mechanical
that went wrong with a little solder there a piece of wire here, pliers or 
spanner Uncle Charlie would make it right, could build tables chairs 
nail dressed boards to floors and halls, bedroom walls.

He was as good with his hands as 
he was unlucky with a love life 
as much as he was loved by badluck.

Uncle Charlie he met a very pretty She with the intention for
 her to be my Aunty, everything was going all right until 
one night Uncle Charlie got it in his head to fix a street light badluck came 
gave him such a shock pelt Uncle Charlie up in the air and when he come 
down Uncle Charlie couldn't hear words whispered words, tender and 
dear from the pretty she he intended to marry.

Soon finally she gave him up and instead of being his wife 
chose to become an x Aunty; they thought it very strange 
that Uncle Charlie didn't cry, get drunk nor even vexed.

He just started taking things apart mechanical, electrical, chairs, bed
room walls undressing boards from floors and halls then smiling put
them back they said sometimes better after than they ever were before  
Uncle Charlie made his attack and with that Uncle Charlie sell he car buy 
a bike an he ride around making his living fixing things electrical, mechanical
making tables, building halls putting up posts and nailing dressed
boards on walls and floors and hanging doors.

Everyone was happy especially Uncle Charlie busy fixing a 
this repairing a that taking a bit off and putting a butt back an 
best of all he was making a buck when out of the blue just 
like that Uncle Charlie get  hit by such good luck which Uncle 
Charlie wanted with all his family to share he rode around to each every
one to declare that he could hear.

 Untop of that he went into shops ordering stuff for money 
that by badluck he hadn't got like a car a boat and even an 
airplane needless to say every each of his family got vexed 
had him certified into an asylum for the insane.

Uncle Charlie he listened to doctors, nurses, family and 
assorted public notaries and realize they were talking plenty rot 
but one thing to him became quite clear the fastest way out of there was to for
get he could hear and remember he was deaf once he made that known they
said he was cured and Uncle Charlie went back home and continued fixing
electrical, mechanical things, making tables, building halls putting up posts 
and nailing dressed boards on walls and floors and hanging doors.

A theatre activist, native of Guyana, resident of London, England, Marc Matthews has been writing, performing, storytelling, acting on stage, in films, radio & television for the last 50 years.