Rainbow in Balata

Meadow Dream.  Copyright © 2016 by Shallon Fadlien.


(for SF)

A story for you—

            in late afternoon drizzle

coming home through familiar Balata

its blossoming gardens of mangoes, gloricidia


            and palms’ branches like multi-winged cherubim — in that light

a huge rainbow, close as heaven, spectrum a palette

of red to indigo and her sister violet


            and I saw the end down a footpath

settled like a full-bodied beauty on a bench

For Kamau Brathwaite at 86

Seven Worlds.  Copyright  © 2015 by Gary Butte.


“Where are the open spaces now

clear sky, the stars, horizons’ distances?”

KB, "The Forest-Masks"


We looked with you, pathfinder

into great halls, high spheres

of the seven kingdoms,


and you sang our lives

to memory

before the Golden Stool was lost


when we had our names

and names of the gods


and wombs of strong trees

New Year Poem

Sea at Gros Islet.  Photo Copyright © 2015 by John Robert Lee.

The Sea of Faith

Was once, too, at the full, and round earth’s shore

Lay like the folds of a bright girdle furled.

But now I only hear

Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar…   

Matthew Arnold, "Dover Beach"


I suppose it’s ultimately personal

this building of a life—

ground, wall block, hardwood, clamped-metal


roof, about a well-planted



So crossing the river
and walking the path
we came at last to Kumasi.” – Kamau Brathwaite


Prologue:       The merchant

Did he arrive at sunset’s orange hour

or with the anonymous midday bustle

markets busy before Sabbath—

and evening or noon height, him

stranger with strange wares

looking for a berth

in the fabled city?